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* The menu recipe(s) listed herein is/are offered as entertainment only and not officially endorsed by Ballville E-Z Shop, Inc.,
    Biehler-Poe Enterprises, LLC or any other entity associated with this website.
    Use this information at your own discretion.  Pay attention to any food allergies that may be involved.
    This menu recipe item(s) listed above does not necessarily constitute suggested consumption of any particular ingredient or food recipe.
    Again, use your own discretion in considering this information.  Consult a medical professional with any ideas, questions or concerns.
    Any and all food items may or may not be sold as they appear in graphics, pictures or descriptions on this or any other page within this site.
    Contact us with any questions or concerns relating to this information.

1 Estimated weight only; exact weight not guaranteed; all weights are approximate and averages of all product servings of like items.

2Customer must meet all legal requirements in order to purchase wine or any other alcoholic beverages.
A substitution may be possible with this combo offering as needed or requested.  Please visit store to inquire about any substitution or pricing changes.

3 Specifically sized and proportioned Lobster Tails at this price point.

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